Alex and Ani Graduation Cap 2017 Bangle Bracelet

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Success • Possibility • FutureGraduation is a time-honored ritual that celebrates a powerful transition into new responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. Marked by achievement, this ceremony honors a person's bold perseverance and innate power to succeed. Embrace the highly esteemed energy of the Graduation Cap Charm, a bold symbol of your current success and the limitless potential of the future. Details: Rafaelian Gold or Rafaelian Silver finish. Adjustable sliding clasp allows for a customized fit. Made in the U.S.A. Measurements: Width: 2⁄7 in Diameter/Length: 2 5⁄14 in Charm Length: 1⁄1 in Charm Width: 5⁄8 in Weight: 0.4 oz

  • Marked by achievement, graduation honors a person’s bold perseverance and innate power to succeed